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2400 Lincoln Avenue
Suite 240
Altadena, CA 91001

Tel: 626.296.6253
Fax: 626.296.6251
Email: info@iatinc.net

Founded in 1999, iAT is a strategic business and technology consultancy specializing in providing enterprise level solutions for Fortune 1000 and mid size organizations. Business specialties include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Technical specialties include Java’s Enterprise Java Beans, XML and a variety of other software development technologies.

iAT also supports distributed high technology manufacturers, such as fabless semiconductor manufacturers, with a data exchange service called SmartConX™. This service collects information in disparate formats, from multiple suppliers along the supply chain and consolidates it in a central database. The information can then be queried, downloaded or passed on to business applications at the client site.

iAT is staffed by senior analysts with years of consulting experience in a variety of technical and business disciplines. This breadth of experience provides clients with considerable benefit in helping to ensure the success of the project.