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Borland Software Corporation

Borland is the vendor of choice for professional e-business solution providers who demand a vendor-independent implementation platform that supports rapid time to market, high productivity, performance and availability. It is leading the market with products like JBuilder, Borland Application Server and Visibroker. With their introduction of Kylix, a RAD Linux development environment, based on their tremendously successful Delphi product, Borland has also established itself as the dominant player in the emerging Linux market.

MandrakeSoft, Inc.

Linux is already a major player in the server market and is well positioned to become a significant competitor on the desktop. With a reported, industry-leading 31% marketshare in the U.S. and numerous awards for ease-of-use, the Mandrakesoft distribution of Linux.is well positioned to lead the move of Linux onto the desktop. iAT is pleased to have MandrakeSoft as its partner for this technology.