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Altadena, CA 91001

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Email: info@iatinc.net

There are three parts to the iAT technical strategy that in combination ensure client advantage. They are (1) the use of the best technologies currently available, (2) creation of in-house technologies where voids exist, and (3) partnership with technology leaders.

In order to provide its clients with cost effective business solutions, iAT is continually assessing the world of technology to identify the best solution for a given type of problem. Where reasonable solutions are not found, iAT has developed in-house technology to provide both itself and its clients with a competitive advantage. Some examples of this are iAT’s internal XML and Data Exchange tools. Key partnerships ensure that iAT stays abreast of technological innovation by providing iAT with access to upcoming trends and innovations as well as a broad base of technical support.

Currently supported software technologies:

Languages and associated technologies:

• Java
• Delphi
• JavaScript
• C++
• Kylix
• Visual Basic

Databases, Servers and Operating Systems:

• SQL Server
• Interbase
• Solaris
• IPlanet Webserver
• IBM Websphere
• Windows
• Linux
• Oracle
• Borland Application Server